Farmers' Markets

     The Charles River Farmers Market Association has put together a market where you can get fresh, local ingredients for your family's table. Start with the freshly picked seasonal fruits, berries and vegetables. Grab a fresh baguette, then cheese and honey to match. Make some molto buono pasta, and grab some meat for the grill. Relax, and enjoy the Charles River Farmers' Markets!


at the Charles Hotel

FridayS 12 - 6pm & SundayS 10am - 3pm
Located on the corner of Elliot and Bennet Street in Cambridge, MA in front of the Charles Hotel

at the Morse School

SaturdayS 10am - 2pm
Located in Cambridgeport, MA at the Morse School



Start with potted plants from Kimball fruit farm. They have foot high tomato plants, herbs, and other plants you can start with.


IPM is a process called integrated pest management.


Instead of using harmful chemicals, Kimballs uses environmental factors to control the pest population of their farms. They introduce friendly bugs to their farm, and those bugs in turn take care of all of the harmful garden pests. Environmentally friendly, with no artificial growth hormones. Kimball fruit farm is committed to having the best ingredients. 


You can get all kinds of produce from our vendors. You can find Mizuna greens, summer squash, strawberries, blueberries, fresh and dried herbs, and more all at the Charles River Farmers Market.


From beets, to radishes, and carrots, tubers are popular vegetables at the market. You can find a huge variety of tomatoes. We have every variety from heirloom, to roma, plum, cherry tomatoes, and tomatoes right from the vine. 


There are plenty of Culinary herbs to try too. Basil, mint, chives,  and more. There are all kinds healthy vegetables to choose from. Ask your Farmer whats for dinner!


Meet the Vendors

Boston Smoked Fish Co. 
Boston, MA 
(Fridays only)

The highest quality smoked fish available using sustainably harvested fish, locally sourced ingredients, and all natural preparation. We hand select the freshest fish daily from the docks in Boston, expertly match it with fresh herbs and spices, and gently smoke it in small batches over specific varieties of North American hardwoods.

Busa Farms 
Lexington, MA

A variety of vegetables and berries

C & C Lobster and Fish 
Peabody, MA
(Sundays only)

The freshest fish available and our OWN fresh caught lobsters

Clear Flour Bread 
Brookline, MA
(Saturdays only)

Italian & French breads and pastries, many made with organic flour


Coybrook Farm West Brookfield, MA
(Sundays only)

Specializing in a variety of organic vegetables

Flats Mentor Farm
Lancaster, MA

Hanson Farm Lemonade 
Framingham, MA

Fresh squeezed lemonade! We always have fresh fruits and garnishes to add picked straight from our produce Farm, Hanson's Farm. Lavender, ginger, mint, raspberry, peach and more!


Hi-Rise Bread Company 
Cambridge, MA

Freshly baked bread every day.  Baguettes, whole wheat varieties, specialty quiche, cookies and more.

Kimball Fruit Farm 
Pepperell, MA

Fresh Seasonal Produce from their award winning tomatoes, to peaches, to all kinds of greens and berries.  A huge selection!

Liquid Yoga
Littleton, MA

Freshly made herb juices served as incentives for yoga or exercise. Manraaj, a liquid yoga company, is our attempt to spread the goodness outside of our home boundaries and serve the health conscious folks.


Narragansett Creamery 
Providence, RI
(Sundays only)

Wonderful Cheese producers featuring several varieties of fresh and aged cheeses

Red's Best 
Boston, MA 
(Fridays only)

Fish, lobsters, clams, scallops, oysters, and more fish!  Caught by local fishermen in Boston, MA and brought fresh to you.

Stillmans Farm 
Lunenburg, MA
(Saturdays only)

Vegetables, plants, fruits and more! Grown by an amazing farming family


Stillmans Quality Meats 
Lunenburg, MA

Pasture raised meats and poultry. Everything from lamb shanks, to pork shoulder, to ground beef.

Valicenti Pasta Farm 
Hollis, NH
(Sundays only)

Fresh pasta, gourmet ravioli, & farm stead sauces made in our barn kitchen with ingredients grown on our 10-acre farm.




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